THE HARD TRANCE REVOLUTION is now gathering some serious pace as Renegade System aka Thomas Crossleys blistering classic hard trance and hard tech trance sounds continue to find their way into the sets and labels of the trance elite!

Starting with ‘Scorpius’,Renegade System pretty much took over the Hard Trance scene within 6 months and brought back that true essence of the genre! High demand for his services on every hard trance label worth mentioning and picking up massive support from all the major players from UK to Australia, Europe to USA proved that a new hard trance star was born in 2015.

Coming from a trance background when hard trance was a HUGE part of the trance scene, Thomas felt a strong urge to crossover over into the bigger scene and the support of names such as Paul Van Dyk, Aly & Fila, Indecent Noise, Mark Sherry, MaRLo and even the godfather of Hard Trance Scot Project showed him this was more than possible!

Indecent Noise, who is also a dedicated fan of the classic hard trance sound asked for a Renegade System Remix of his Hydra for release on his impressive Mental Asylum Records. Indecent Noise had this to say ‘GAME FUKKING OVER! HEIL HYDRA!!!’

Check out this video below of Australian mega DJ/producer Marlo supporting Renegade System and bringing the Hard Trance Revolution to the 20,000 strong crowd at Transmission Prague which is one of the leading trance events the world has to offer!

Join THE HARD TRANCE REVOLUTION as Renegade System continues to create total mayhem in 2016 and beyond!


Thomas Crossley is no stranger to the music scene, having been involved in various genres throughout the last ten years. Based in a small village in Northern Ireland, the 28 year old dance music producer has released tracks on across many imprints and picked up support from a diverse range of DJs.

Renegade System, originally a duo with Peter Miskelly, made their first appearance in 2009 on the legendary Bonzai Music main label remixing the Yves Deruyter classic ‘Back To Earth’, which also received a vinyl release. After this release, Peter left Renegade System to pursue Artist Managment and A&R work, while Thomas continued to release his music with Bonzai on their various digital sub-labels Bonzai Basics & Republika for the next 18 months, picking up support from many big names including Thomas’ all time hero, Scot Project.

During this period of time, Renegade System was also approached by top female Dj & Producer Claudia Cazacu, subsequently resulting in a string of progressive and tech-trance releases from Thomas on her Couture imprint. Through Couture, He also received massive support from many DJ’s including Claudia herself, who tipped Renegade System as a producer to watch in various interviews.
Through his work on Bonzai and Couture, Thomas was also commissioned to produce remixes for various artists and labels including Mallorca Lee (Ultrasonic / MLXL) and Digital Remedy, as well as seeing his bootleg remix of Solarstone’s all time classic ‘7 Cities’ getting a release on Solarstone’s own ‘Solaris Recordings’.
Over the next few years, Thomas left the trance scene to improve his production and his passion for music technology, hardware and synth collecting and effectively retired the Renegade System alias. He began building up his studio, investing in many pieces of classic hardware including a Roland JP8000, Access Virus C & TI, Waldorf Blofeld, Roland TB3 and many more.

In 2011, along with his partner Nicola, he set up a brand new digital Hardstyle label ‘Epidemic Black’. With this imprint, Thomas continued to release music under the alias ‘Renegade Dj’ and enjoyed a number of successful releases including a number 1 on Trackitdown and a featuring on Cloud 9’s ‘Hardstyle: The Ultimate Collection’ cd compilation along side all of the scenes biggest artists. Continuing with Hardstyle and a further rebrand, Thomas eventually joined the infamous 2-Dutch imprint ‘Dutch Master Works’ in 2013 as ‘Echidna’. As Echidna, he released various EP’s, with each one featuring on compilations and picking up huge dj support and plays on Q-Dance radio. He was commissioned to remix for German producer Boozed Panderz, which in turn was released on Straight On Recordings, another infamous Hardstyle label, as well as remixing for Hardstyle heavyweight Blutonium Boy and UK pioneer Nutty T.

In summer of 2014, after regaining contact with Peter Miskelly, the pair met up and decided to try and start a ‘hard trance revolution’, bringing back the classic sound of hard trance and Renegade System was let loose once again, this time fully recharged and at a much higher level of production and quality in all areas.
Having caught the bug for producing Hard Trance, Thomas suddenly felt at home and now happy with his standard of production, he began cultivating sounds reminiscent of the glory days of Overdose & Tracid Traxxx, an era when Thomas first starting clubbing and religiously followed Scot Project around Ireland. In late 2014, Thomas was approached by label owners and Hard Trance producers ‘Acid Scorpions’ and asked to join their new imprint ‘Hyper Reality Records’. After a short discussion, it was clear to Thomas that they all shared the same mindset and he agreed to join their artist roster.

Within 6 months, Thomas was being heralded as the future of hard trance by everyone on the scene and his production skills were being requested on every label worth mentioning in hard trance. It wasn’t long until his sounds of hard trance and hard tech trance were crossing over into the even bigger trance scene and Renegade System was ready to reach the next level.


Nicola Rutherford
General Manager

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