If you are searching for dark and hard music of the calibre that has been setting crowds worldwide alight, then look no further than Side E-Fect. Hailing from the UK, in particular the South West, which in itself has spawned many a DJ and producer of the the darker, harder styles, Side E-Fect’s distinct sound has had a massive impact internationally.

Consisting of a fusion of hard trance, techno and hardstyle, with deep but resounding kick drums and dark gritty lead sounds, his sound is noticeable both in his DJ sets as well as his production, which takes influence from classic tracks of yesteryear fused with new production techniques. His enthusiasm for this style and an unmistakable level of drive ensure that he will be gracing the scene for many years to come!

Having released a multitude of productions to date, many of which have received leading key DJ and Press support and also radio plays from Radio 1 (Kutski), Q-Dance Radio (Fausto) and others, the future is looking bright for Side E-Fect. With notable singles coming out on the ever growing K405 imprint, he is also a highly in demand remix artist. Labels such as Kiddfectious, Compulzion, Digitally Infected, Gearbox, Friction and AID also feature the Side E-Fect sound, and many productions often top the sales charts on digital download store Trackitdown.

No stranger to the DJ world, the past few years have seen Side E-Fect grace the decks at some prestigious events of his genre all over the country and abroad, with appearences at Bionic, Westfest, Slamming Vinyl, Unity, Audio Surgery, Escape, Premonition, K405 Events, We Love Bass And Hard Effekt (Aus) to name but a few. He has also been asked to mix two compilations for K405 and has appeared on numerous CD compilations too.

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